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Now the most common form of baghouse filtration system used in many different applications and workplace environments.

NFP filters are a highly effective self cleaning baghouse where there are low dust volumes and low to medium air volumes. They work efficiently by automatically cleaning the fitler bags while running.


  • NFP3000 with bins handle air volumes from 5,000 – 60,000 m³/h
  • Can be later upgraded to a wide range of rotary valves/ screw conveyors for discharge
  • ATEX certified for St1 and St2 dust with a Kst value up to 300 bar m/s.
  • Compact design
  • Suited for handling medium to large volumes of air with low material contamination
  • Designed for continuous operation with a controlled cleaning at preset invervals.
  • Can be mounted either on the ground or roof
  • Overpressure version as standard or vacuum version up to 5,000 Pa
  • Optional explosion venting up-ward or side ward
  • Powerful on-line cleaning by efficient regeneration fans
  • Patented polyester SUPERBAG filter bags
  • Easy to install on site and extend when required
  • Reduced power consumption due to low pressure drop accross the filter even after long term operation.


  • The NFP FIlter is designed for small to medium-sized air volumes and low volumes of waste material concentration.
  • It is a modular filter made of galvanised Mild Steel
  • The filter is self-supporting, has telescopic supporting legs and is suitable for outdoor locations.
  • The filter is available in two widths, type E (1200 mm) and type J (2400 mm).
  • Each module of the filter construction is fitted with an ATEX compliant combined inspection and explosion relief door.
  • Each module uses a regeneration fan mounted for reverse air cleaning of the filter bags.
  • The filter is fitted with the unique patented anti-static XT15 SUPERBAG filter bag.

The waste particles are separated in the filter hopper and inlet section (optional) and the air is then distributed to the filter bags. This reduces the chance of blockages, and general wear and tear. Efficient high-pressure regenration fans ensure the fine dust that did make it up the bags is blown off and down to the hopper floor to the dust exit.
This PLC controlled process reduces the need for expensive and time consuming laundering and servicing of the bags, traditionally done yearly in some systems.

NFP systems use plastic or galvainised bins to collect the waste. Changing or emptying the bins requires the system to be turned off as the entire unit will be under pressure. Being modular by design, NFP systems are easily extended if your extraction requirements increase.

NFP systems are supplied standard as positive-pressure with the extraction fan on the "dirty side" blowing into the filter. For certain situations, a negative-pressure system can be supplied where the fan is on the clean air side and sucks through the filter (NFPV).

The filter is supplied based on continuous operation and includes a PLC controlled cleaning of the filter bags at regular intervals. Offline versions are also available whhich only clean when the system is shutdown.

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