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Airtight offers a number of preventative maintenance & servicing packages. We understand that your long-term success is why you need Airtight Aftercare. Call our national service team today.

Care you can trust.
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Smart Automation
  • Site Inspections
  • Remote 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Consulting & Diagnostics
  • Fault Monitoring & Reporting

“The most costly break-down started with a minor issue that went undetected.”

Aftercare Servicing care you can trust
Regular system maintenance keeps your production at peak performance
Remember when your dust or fume control system stops, your production stops!
Benefits of qualified service include:
  • Maintain a low pressure drop across the filters; low pressure drop means less energy use, saving you money
  • Avoid critical failure and costly breakdowns during peak production
  • Early Identification of pending problems allows for down time planning, minimising cost
  • Restore and improve past performance
  • Potential to increase efficiency / capacity of your current system
Aftercare Servicing
  • The most POWERFUL filter of its size on the market
  • Efficient self-cleaning of filter bags
  • Modular by design
  • Quiet operation & high efficiency
  • Over 50,000 systems installed worldwide
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Tip ...most costly breakdowns started with a minor issue that went undetected

Airtight’s dedicated Service Team operates nationally and offers basic and comprehensive audits and service on all major dust control technologies in the market.

Our experienced service technicians will provide onsite technical expertise, full disclosure and written documentation of findings and recommended actions. We know that every dollar counts! machinery suppliers.

Contact Airtight Solutions today on
1800 424 784 or via email to book
your next dust collector service
  • Offices, spare parts and technical staff available Australia-wide.

  • Highly qualified servicing team.

  • For peace of mind.

  • Technology for system automation and remote fault monitoring.

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