Project Detail

Client: ABLE
Location: Melbourne

Industry: Joineries & Cabinet Makers

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1. Executive Summary:

Our client, ABLE Melbourne, required a recommendation on how to improve their extraction capabilities in their North Melbourne factory.  Currently utilising a number of both static and mobile dust collector units ABLE Melbourne was keen to consider a proposal that offered an efficient whole package unit that suited their factory’s current needs and possible future requirements. An important consideration was also that production downtime was kept to a minimum during transition to a new system.

An Airtight Solutions team consisting of a Sales Engineer and System Installer conducted a site visit to gain first hand assessment of current equipment function parameters, production line layout and safety issues that would need to be addressed. The team also discussed the client’s brief for equipment with lower noise levels and greater efficiency taking into account the proposed project budget and implementation timeframe.

The Airtight Solutions team then designed and engineered the best and most suitable dust collector system and extraction solution. Keeping within the client’s prescribed project brief was facilitated by utilising some existing components to complement the newer technology. This action also assisted in the timetabling of the system upgrade. 

ABLE Melbourne’s quest to enhance extraction capabilities at their North Melbourne facility. 

ABLE currently uses a mix of static and mobile dust collector units and needed a comprehensive solution tailored to their current needs and potential future expansions. An essential decisive factor was minimising production downtime during the transition to a new system.

Our Melbourne based Airtight Solutions teams conducted an on-site evaluation to assess existing equipment functionality, production line layout, and safety considerations. Discussions with the client emphasised the importance of quieter operation and increased efficiency within the confines of the project budget and timeline.

Following the assessment, the Airtight Solutions team devised a tailored dust collector system and extraction solution that aligned precisely with the client’s requirements. Leveraging existing components alongside newer technology facilitated adherence to the project brief and streamlined the system upgrade process.

2. Client Background:

ABLE Melbourne was established in 2018, it has grown to become one of Melbourne’s leading providers of comprehensive construction and joinery services. Their Specialist team excels in crafting premium office fit outs, retail spaces, and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Operating at their North Melbourne site ABLE Melbourne required improved extraction capabilities for CNC, Edge Bander and Panel Saw machines. 

3. Challenge:

The client’s factory contains multiple machines used for their woodworking projects which all generate waste and nuisance dust that is emitted as part of their daily processes. The client requested a single stand- alone indoor unit, that would  have a reduced footprint of existing units. The client wanted a unit with increased efficiency that provided the ability to control the speed and power consumption of the unit with the aid of the Variable Speed Drive as required. A reduced noise profile of the unit’s motor fan was also a substantial requirement within the project brief as was a within budget acquisition and fit out. The client also had pieces of equipment that, if moved, would require modification to ensure adequate operation.

4. Objectives:

The Airtight Team’s goals and objectives were:

To understand the client’s vision and expectation of the project and to identify the client’s needs and requirements.

  • To propose the most effective extraction system solution that met the client’s requests
  • Ensure that the negotiated contract included all the required steps and procedures to execute the project within the timeframe commitment.
  • Client wanted to install the proposed dust collector unit along with all the accessories, run the ductwork and commission the unit in the given schedule.

5. Solution:

Airtight Sales Engineer, David Setton, and System Installer Devlin Xuereb identified a number of site layout issues that would need consideration within the project documentation. These included the positioning of extraction ducting at various angles and heights from production equipment to allow for the use of forklifts and other machinery on the factory floor.

Following assessment of site conditions and airflow requirements, the Airtight proposal offered ABLE Melbourne the T1000 series unit, as it met Brief requirements in terms of efficiency and cost. The T1000 was also identified as having the most appropriate motor rating and offered Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to control the fan speed of the system as required.

The Airtight proposal also catered for the modification of the client’s specific waste bins to meet all disposal schedule requirements.

6. Implementation:

Upon contract agreement the team implemented a series of stakeholder meetings to discuss and negotiate a workable timetable for the procurement of system components and their fabrication. The schedule was then enhanced to include details of the client’s facilities to be incorporated into the fabrication schedule. This was supported by additional site visits by the Airtight Solutions Project Managers, John Gustilo and Mark Healey, to formulate site specific installation process guidelines and procedures.  

The Project timeline then incorporated the lead-times associated with the manufacture of all items i.e. the assembly of the T1000 dust collector, the mounting of the fan on its motor, the delivery of the Variable Speed Drive, new ductwork and the bin kit assembly. 

Additionally, transition plans of old to new system were formulated in conjunction with all stakeholders ensuring that the client’s operational needs and timeframes were foremost in the plans. 

7. Results:

Airtight Solutions focusses on building excellent rapport with our clients and maintains this by ensuring that regular communication is undertaken with all project stakeholders. 

Starting with the acceptance of a thorough, and detailed tailored proposal designed by our Sales Engineer, David Setton, the Project Team then maintained regular and constant communication with all parties. These conversations, focussing on the timetable of material fabrication, delivery of equipment and the provision of staff to undertake installation and modification site works, ensured the smooth execution of the project.

The project outcome met the client’s brief, expectations and budget and was provided in a manner that had minimal impact on the production activities of the factory.

8. Lessons Learned:

Every project is unique with its own challenges during any stages of the process, e.g: sales, procurement, or project execution. No two factories are the same and we must be mindful to get accurate site information from every customer such as the footprint dimensions, on site facility locations and any height or weight clearances. It is important to also discuss the best flow for operational equipment within the facility as new or modified extraction units could challenge the efficiency of existing layouts.

Consideration of  space around the proposed site of units should also be made for the access in installing the dust collector and these specifications should be included in the project  schedule and cost analysis. Communication is key to achieved good results.

9. Testimonials:

Email from customer as per below.

“We were greeted by David in our office, who was very proficient in his understanding of the system and worked with us to tailor the system to our specific requirements. 

The on-site install team carried on from where David left, arriving on the exact day that was communicated, completed all works to a high standard in the agreed timeframe.

All in all, we are very happy with the significant improvements that Airtight have completed to our factory – with the swift installation of the T1000 unit. 

Thank you.”

10. Conclusion:

Airtight Solutions products are proven to be efficient across industries and competitive in the marketplace With excellent communication, knowledge, teamwork and good planning we consistently provide a complete solution to our clients.

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