Airtight Modular Ducting System

Airtight Solutions are proud to provide the unsurpassed ducting system that is Quick Fit (QF) modular ducting. As the leading providers of dust extraction ducting supplies in Australia and New Zealand, manufacturers throughout the country can rely on Airtight Solutions for quality ducting solutions like the famous Quick Fit modular ducting.

Quick Fit modular ducting is known to be strongest ducting on the market, as well as being effortless to install, taking 40% less time to install than other ducting. In fact, when you choose Quick Fit modular ducting for your premises, you won’t even need to hire a specialist to complete the installation!

Furthermore, Quick Fit’s unique rolled-edge construction provides superior strength, which means less sagging and reduced chance of leakages. Our products speak for themselves, with Airtight’s Quick Fit ducting being the preferred type of modular ducting in Australia among the leading OEMs.
Still not convinced about the benefits of modular ducting for your factory?

Some further benefits of our modular ducting options include:
Affordability – Quick Fit is by far the most cost-effective modular ducting in Australia.
Superior quality – Quick Fit holds its own when compared to other modular products on the market.
Compatibility – Adapters are available to make Quick Fit compatible with all other ducting systems.
Compatibility – Adapters available to ALL other ducting systems.
Tool-free installation – Quick Fit is designed so that all the clamps clip together in seconds, with no bolts or rivets required.
No leakage – An integrated seal is present in each clamp, which is known to be the best seal on the market.
Easy to maintain – Simply unclip each individual component to clean.
Smooth interior surface – Reduces the chance of blockages.

Quick Fit ducting has been proven worldwide in applications involving conveying cement, timber, powder material, fumes, paper, plastics and more. Remember that choosing the correct ducting system design is critical for the overall performance of your chosen system, so feel free to contact Airtight Solutions for customised recommendations for your modular ducting in Brisbane, Sydney or elsewhere in Australia.

Dust Extraction Ducting Supplies

For the leading dust extraction ducting supplies in Australia or New Zealand, there is no looking past Airtight Solutions. Contact our team today to determine the options available to you, from Quick Fit to other ducting solutions. When it comes to modular ducting in Australia or New Zealand, Airtight Solutions are the clear choice.

Helpful Hint:
Correct ducting system design is critical to the overall performance of your system.

Flexible Ducting for your dust and fume extraction systems.

Airtight Solutions are the leading suppliers of flexible ducting across Australia and New Zealand, stocking a comprehensive range of industrial hoses and ducting that is preferred by Australia’s most reputable original equipment manufacturers. Regardless of your manufacturing plant’s size or purpose, Airtight Solutions can custom design and supply the flexible ducting you require.

Thanks to the superior quality of our products, Airtight Solutions have established ourselves as the premier suppliers of flexible hose in Australia and New Zealand. Our flex ducting is long-lasting and durable, making it a worthy investment for business owners looking for flexible duct.

Airtight Solutions’ vast experience across industries from cabinetmaking to food processing have provided us with the skills and knowledge to provide custom flexible ducting to local manufacturers.

Our range of available flexible ducting for manufacturers includes options that are suitable for abrasive solids like dust, powder and fibres, or gaseous substances like vapours and smoke. All our flexible ducting options are highly durable, lightweight and of course, highly flexible.

If you are not sure of which flexible ducting option meets your needs, please feel free to contact Airtight Solutions and one of our friendly reps will be able to assist you with making the right choice. By choosing a ducting hose that is the most suitable for your particular application, you can significantly extend the life of your hoses and save money in the long run, so making a well-informed choice is of the utmost importance!

For a thorough understanding of what your needs may be, view our Industrial Flex Application Guide or call our team to determine the right product for you. End your search for flexible ducting by contacting Airtight Solutions.

Helpful hint:
Matching the right hose to the right application can significantly extend the life expectancy of your hoses and save you money!
Don’t know what hose you need..? View our Industrial Flex Application Guide to determine the right product for you or call us for assistance.

View Our Industrial Flex Application Guide

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