Airtight Solutions offer a complete turnkey package including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of dust control systems for most applications in the engineering industries.

We have vast experience in all aspects of dust and fume control for these industries including:

Plasma and laser cutting dust and fume control, cutting and grinding fume exhaust, dip-tanks and spray booth extraction and filtration, to name but a few.

We can offer dry baghouse filtration, wet scrubbers, steam, fume and vapour filtration and extraction and we also design and install integrated filter systems to best suit the process application.

Airtight Solutions have a range of high quality dust collector options which we would select to offer you the best solution for your dust or fume control problem.

Our engineered solutions include custom designed ducting systems for all plant requirements including our modular range of quick-release ducting systems in both galvanised mild steel and stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning.

We also offer a trouble shooting and auditing service for existing plant and we would be pleased to offer our services for scheduled dust control plant maintenance and servicing.

Airtight Solutions engineered the perfect
solution for this industry.

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