Airtight Solutions offer a complete turnkey package including design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of dust control systems for the foundry industry.

We have vast experience in all aspects of dust and fume control into the foundry industry including:

  • Furnace and hi-temperature metallurgical fume filtration and extraction systems.
  • Sand storage, conveying and handling system dust and fume control.
  • Moulding, casting and shakeout dust and fume control systems.

Our engineering team can custom design hooding and canopies for all foundry industry requirements and we design and manufacture purpose-built ducting systems from materials best suited to handle the highly abrasive dust and fume in this demanding industry.

We can offer dry baghouse filtration and wet scrubbers and we also have a range of high quality bin venting filters for all foundry applications.

We also offer a trouble shooting and auditing service for existing plant and we would be pleased to offer our services for scheduled dust control plant maintenance and servicing.

Airtight Solutions engineered the perfect
solution for this industry.

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