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The Metalworking and Welding Industry, also known as the Metal Processing Industry, the Metallurgical Industry and the Iron and Steel Industry, includes three major components, metal forming, metal casting and metal joining.   

Many dust producing processes are involved in these three industry branches including blasting, crushing, milling, grinding, compressing, cutting, polishing, soldering, and riveting.  

Industry Challenges 

The processes involved in welding and metalwork create serious air pollution challenges for the work environment.  They release poisonous metals, such as arsenic, lead and aluminum and dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen fluoride into the air.  Exposure to these metals and gasses can be poisonous to workers and lead to suffocation risks. 

Dust particles released by welding and metalwork processes are combustible.  High concentrations of dust buildup in the air and on expensive equipment can lead to clogs, damage to delicate mechanisms, fires, and explosions.  Dust collectors, if not designed correctly, impact worker health and production output. 

Solutions Available 

Airtight Solutions has extensive experience in all areas of dust extraction and collection for the welding and metalworking industry. 

Our customizable solutions will provide: 

  • Directional air movement, to keep particles airborne 
  • Minute filtration capacities 
  • Easily accessible filter materials, designed to capture and safely neutralize dust particles, for easy and safe change-out 
  • A customized design based on workspace, airflow, and power access 
  • Formalized extraction techniques to safely handle and dispose of filtered particulates and exhausted filters 

We provide efficient and effective fume extraction at all essential points along the welding and metalworking process.  In foundries, these points include at the furnace, during sand storage, conveying and handling and at molding, casting, and shakeout points.  Some customizable dust collection and fume extraction solutions include: 

  • Extraction at the torch  
  • Flexible extraction near the torch  
  • Portable dust collection and fume extraction  
  • Cutting tables with built in dust collection tools  
  • Customized hooding and canopies 
  • Purpose-built ducting systems for highly abrasive materials 
  • Dry baghouse filtration beneficial for: 
    • High-temperature applications 
    • Sticky or wet particulate 
    • Heavy dust loads 
    • Small or large particulates 
  • Wet scrubbers, ideal for dealing with moisture in the airstream, beneficial for:   
    • High-temperature applications 
    • Moist exhaust stream applications 
    • Applications requiring the removal of both gasses and particles 
    • Applications needing to neutralize corrosive gasses 
  • Bin venting filters, pulse jet style industrial dust collectors, beneficial for: 
    • High efficiency 
    • Low energy requirements 
    • Low maintenance requirements 
    • Quick installation with minimal installation costs 

Client Benefits/Saving/Results

Dust collection requirements in the welding and metalworking industry are complex and involve strict OSHA regulations.  A reputable dust collection engineering and manufacturing firm will customize a safe, effective, low maintenance solution that will help you: 

  • Capture and safely neutralize dust particles 
  • Extract dust and fumes at their sources to immediately remove dangerous materials and gasses from the air 
  • Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for workers 
  • Avoid critical equipment failure and dust explosions 
Airtight Solutions engineered the perfect solution for this industry.
What Our Clients Are Saying
Pierre Westell
star star-white

Airtight make high quality products that are very simple to use. Having dealt with Airtight for a number of years I can certainly say the customer service from Glenn Nicholls and his team is excellent and they are very reliable. I Have recommended Airtight to other people and will continue to do so as they provide a very good service at fair price.

Phil Binder
star star-white

When we required the latest technology for our new plant in Mount Gambier, Glenn was able to not only supply the material but organise his competent crew to install the extractor on site during the Covid shutdown when we were experiencing very tight deadlines. We can highly recommend Glenn and his knowledgeable team.

Rachael Portsch
star star-white

Great products!!!! Love working with this team. Very efficient and reliable. In particular ….. Glenn Nicholls 🙂
Cheers from the team at Portsch Classic Furniture, Hendon SA 5014.

Matt Gabbett
star star-white

Good old fashioned reliable service. Glenn is always willing to go the extra mile to help, and you also get a top bloke thrown into the deal for good measure.

Caleb Wallace
star star-white

Nothing but good feedback for this company, Glenn Nichols runs a great operation with great service. The 3HG dust extraction system has been excellent, wouldn’t look elsewhere!

Steven Foote
star star-white

UWE Hay worked with Airtight Solutions at our export facility in Southern New South Wales for the installation of a fully integrated dust extraction system. The staff and leadership at the business were of the highest calibre and the professional approach was felt from the initial phone interaction to the onsite visit, to the cost effective quote of their fully customised solution and installation of the system within our facility. Prior to selecting Airtight Solutions our company discussed our requirements with several company’s however the outcome was there was only one choice. Airtight Solutions provided a highly professional package and after sales service and we would recommend their systems to any other businesses in the agricultural industry with similar requirements.

General Manager, UWE Hay – April 2017
Matthew Kitchin
star star-white

When I upgraded my underperforming cartridge dust collector, Airtight Solutions came highly recommended. My expectations were naturally high, but the system is everything they said it would be and the performance difference is unbelievable!
Airtight delivered a quality job and timely with minimal disruptions. The process was made easy and the communication was open and honest. I would recommend Airtight to anyone.

Director, Capital Design Works – May 2016
Tony Wright
star star-white

Glenn and his team have been consistently quick to respond with solid advice and service. Very happy with their support.

Nick Trolio
star star-white

Very professional and easy to deal with. Great products and great service.

Airtight Solutions
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