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Engineered fume extraction systems are essential for all manufacturing plants and factories to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for employees. Airtight Solutions use our extensive engineering background to offer brilliantly designed fume extraction systems in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and beyond, allowing businesses to properly handle fumes as necessary.

From repair shops to large pharmaceutical factories, Airtight Solutions cater to a variety of needs with our custom designs and tailored installations. Our range of fume extraction systems in Australia and New Zealand include exhaust reels, the Filterbox dust and fume extraction system, industrial fans, the NEX Heavy Duty Fume Arm, original fume arms and wet scrubbers. These fume extraction technologies can be used together as part of the one system, or can be used independently, depending on your plant’s needs.

As the nation’s leading providers of fume extraction systems, manufacturing centres can completely rely on Airtight Solutions for our expertise.

The superior design and installation of Airtight’s fume extraction systems allow Australian and New Zealand business-owners to remove hazardous fumes from their premises, create a safe working environment for their staff and enjoy significant energy savings, all in the form of a modular solution that can be adapted to suit your changing needs as your business grows.

Contact our friendly team today for leading fume extraction systems  and get closer to creating a safe factory environment.