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Are you in need of industrial fans in Australia or New Zealand?

Airtight Solutions are the leading providers of industrial fans in Australia, an essential piece of equipment for extracting fumes from factories.

Industrial fans can be used independently or as part of a complete dust collection system, allowing you to create a safer and more hygienic work environment for your employees. Additionally, industrial fans can also lower energy consumption, meaning funds can be allocated elsewhere. If you require industrial fans in Australia or New Zealand, simply contact our qualified engineers to discuss which fan is most suitable for you.

Airtight’s range of industrial fans are suitable across a broad range of industries and applications. When selecting a fan, it is important to understand the application and requirements. Correct fan selection is critical to achieving ongoing high performance and ongoing low maintenance running costs. The airflow, pressure drop and material that is being handled all play a part in correct fan selection.
As an experienced fan design and manufacturing company, Airtight Solutions have the engineering expertise in specifying the correct industrial fan.

High Quality Industrial Extraction Fans

As the leading providers of industrial fans in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia, Airtight Solutions serve clients from all industries. Some of these include grain, food, wood processing, joinery, seed cleaning, pharmaceuticals, cement and mining. Simply contact Airtight Solutions today to find out which industrial fan will best meet the needs of your factory or worksite.