AFMC Cartridge Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Key Features
  • Cartridges are available in a wide variety of materials which fit most applications irrespective of the dust type, the quantity of dust, and the required efficiency.
  • Its modular, compact design enables installation near to the dust source, which reduces the energy consumption required for transporting the dust laden air to the filter.
  • The cartridges of the AFMC Pulse Jet filter are easily accessible and easy to replace.
  • Tough galvanised steel construction.
  • Weatherproof for exposed locations.
  • Integral pre-separation chamber.
  • Independently tested (FMKZ) with ATEX compliant features for explosive dusts.

The AFMC Pulse Jet cartridge filter is made of galvanised steel sheet and has a unique, patented UniClean® cleaning system. The special design of UniClean® cartridges guarantees uniform and effective cleaning over the entire length of the cartridges. This system is supplied with a pressure control system that enables cleaning on demand.

The AFMC Pulse Jet filter is designed to handle air volumes of 1200 – 21000 m³/h containing different types of dust.

It provides maximum filtration efficiency with footprint reduced to a minimum.

The AFMC Pulse Jet filter is equipped with different types of filter cartridges positioned vertically in order to avoid dust accumulation on the filter media.

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