CDS Series School Shaker Dust Collector

Combustible Dust Collector for Schools

Available in two standard configurations, the CDS Series school dust collector is designed specifically to meet Australian Standards for ST1/ST2 combustible dust, offering affordable compliance.

The CDS Series has the best performance/cost ratio of any compliant dust collector on the market. The quiet operation, compact design and high performance of this system include safety features which protect students and staff from combustible dust events in, e.g. woodworking classrooms.

Safe, Reliable and Powerful Performance

The CDS Series’ superior performance & proven safety features make it the most sort after and recommended dust collector system for TAS/woodshops throughout Australia.

Compact Design to Suit School Plant Rooms

The CDS Series combustible dust collector for schools is modular in design, and comes in two standard configurations – CDS4000 and the larger model, CDS8000. They are compact in design and purpose built to fit in plant rooms where space is limited.

Your Official School Dust Collector

Don’t risk injury, liability or insurance cover default. The CDS Series – your official combustible dust extraction solution from Airtight.

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