Multi Cyclones

Key Selling Points
  • High efficiency cyclonic separation/extraction
  • Smaller foot print than standard cyclones
  • Extreme wear resistance (Brinell Hardness 400 cast tubes) à low maintenance
  • More cost effective than line cyclones
  • Proven product in Fly ash, boiler emissions & classifier systems
  • Low in/outlet velocities à reduced wear
  • Easy/cost effective replacement of tubes

Airtight’s multi-cyclones is an Australian Industry standard proven in numerous applications such as boiler emission control, cement plants, lime kilns, asphalt plants, milling and grinding operations.

They are low cost, low maintenance units suitable for operating temperatures up to 400°C.

Multi-cyclones are widely used high abrasive applications such as fly ash collection, and we have completed a number of such installation. Multi-cyclones are preferred over a single large cyclone (or nest of cyclones) because of higher efficiency and better abrasion resistance.

They are more compact and generally easier to fit into a plant layout.

Our multi-cyclone design has low velocities in and out of the main housing, reducing wear. Our design will typically have velocities around 7.5m/s. A high efficiency single cyclone is likely to be around 15m/s.

Our cast Iron tubes are Brinell Hardness 400, so while they experience high velocities they are highly resistant to wear. Our design allows for easy and cost effective tube replacement.

We keep tubes in stock and have experienced personnel available to undertake your service work.

Technical Specifications & Quick Facts

  • Multiple designs available
  • Brinell Hardness 400 castings

Achieve higher efficiencies for HIGHLY ABBRASIVE applications with Airtight Solutions’ multi cyclones.

AIRTIGHT SOLUTIONS’ Multi-Cyclones provide high efficiency extraction for highly ABBRASIVE applications like fly ash, boiler emission, cement/lime.

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