Plastic Dust Collector Bags

Plastic Dust Collector Bags




Airtight heavy duty clear plastic bags for dust collectors and dust extraction systems. Our dust collector bags are suitable for Airtight Solutions dust collector models, and a wide variety of other makes and models.

All Makes & Models – Size Information

There are 2 main sizes:

  • PBS-830 – suits 500mm diameter spigots (Standard)
    • Airtight Solutions T Series
    • Airtight Solutions S200
    • Airtight Solutions T500
    • Airtight Solutions T750
    • Airtight Solutions T1000
    • Carbetec DC 1200 P
    • Carbetec 2300 P
  • PBS-1000 – suits from 640mm to 710mm diameter spigots
    • KUFO UFO-103A
    • KUFO UFO-103B
    • KUFO UFO-104H1
    • Leda Machinery DC Series
    • Leda Machinery RDC Series
    • Woodtech UFO101B
    • Woodtech UFO102B
    • Woodtech UFO103B

Box Contents

  • PBS-830 – Each box contains 50 plastic bags.
  • PSB-1000 – Each box contains 40 plastic bags.

Product Code: PBS-830, PBS-1000