Rotary Valves | Dust Extraction Systems

Key Features

Rotary valves are used to create a rotating seal between two environments under different pressures.

  • Allows waste product to drop out of the dust collector without pressurising where the waste is dropping too.
  • Continuous operation meaning you don’t need to stop to empty waste bin.
  • Standard NRS range kept in stock.
  • Special options available for heavy duty applications.
  • Stainless steel and cast iron options available.
  • High temperature options available.
  • Rubber, steel or plastic blades available.
  • ATEX rated valves available.

Airtight Solutions standard NRS rotary valves are a heavy duty painted construction, suitable for use across many industries and applications. We can also offer our range of heavy duty valves in both painted finish and stainless along with our floating seal cast iron valve.

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Technical Specifications & Quick Facts

The chart below shows our standard NRS rotary valve capacities

Type Article No. Capacity at 100% filling Motor HK/kW Weight Kg
NRS4 70004.006 66m3/h 1/0,75 67
NRS10 700010.006 165m3/h 1/0,75 100
NRS20 700020.006 330m3/h 1/0,75 170
NRS30 700030.006 496m3/h 1/0,75 240
NRS6-P 70110.500 150m3/h 1/0,75 235
NRS9-P 70110.400 225m3/h 1/0,75 281
NRS10-P 70110.000 250m3/h 1/0,75 296
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