Best Doors

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Client Best Doors
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Scope Of Work Airtight NFK 8+1 Chain Filter System
Schedule 2005

Project Detail

Best Doors in Auckland use an AIRTIGHT NFK 8+1 chain Filter complete with 3 seperate fan extraction systems running from their factory.
The filter has 8 filtering modules +1 emply module where all the ducts enter ( hence the 8+1 notation).

An individual fan on each of the 3 seperate ducting systems, mean that if one section of the plant isnt running , that fan doesnt have to run either, making a considerable saving on power.

Equally, if one particular section of the plant is running extended hours, only that 1 fan needs to run.

The collected dust,exits the end of the chain conveyor via a NRS rotary valve and is blown into a container for removal from site. This system was installed in 2005.