X-Tend Life Natural Products

Galvanised Steel Modular ducting systems for dust extraction 3
Galvanised Steel Modular ducting systems for dust extraction 3
Fume arm in use for pharmaceutical dust extraction 3
FMC4A Cartridge Filter Dust collector 3
FMC4A Cartridge Filter Dust collector 7
Client X-Tend Life Natural Products
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Scope Of Work FMC4A and Ducting system
Schedule March 2013
Industry Pharmaceuticals

Project Detail

X-Tend Life Natural Products

Xtend-Life is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of high quality health supplements and skincare products. In 2012 they started construction on their new manufacturing facility in Christchurch. One of the things they knew they wanted to do was have an effective high quality dust extraction system to complement their manufacturing process.

Airtight Solutions offered the solution that gave them the high quality extraction and filtration they were looking to achieve. The Airtight Solutions FMC cartridge filter unit combined with a well-designed ducting system and capture points including the use of fume arms and custom designed stainless steel extraction hoods.

Airtight also installed a pressure transmitter and variable speed drive onto the dust collector. This allowed Airtight to set the variable speed drive so the fan would increase and decrease in the amount of extraction required dependant on what extraction points were in use.

The filtration velocity and anti-static cartridges that Airtight Solutions specified means that the dust collector requires minimal maintenance.