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The Dust Stops Here: Top Benefits of Dust Collectors

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Industrial dust, also known as process dust, is pollution that is generated during the manufacturing and production process. As well as being environmentally damaging, this dust can be harmful if it is inhaled or comes in contact with the skin. Industrial dust collection systems are pieces of equipment designed to remove these contaminants from the polluted gas streams that are associated with industrial operations. Companies like Australia-based. Airtight Solutions specialize in dust and fume control systems for a variety of industries.    

What is an Industrial Dust Collector, and How Do They Work?  

A dust collector can be thought of as a sock that is stretched across a cage, or frame. As dusty air passes through the sock, pollutants are removed. The dust/pollutants are then safely disposed of, while the clean air is discharged back into the environment. Baghouse dust collectors are the most widely used industrial dust collection systems and can be effectively used for harsh applications involving sticky or abrasive materials, or dust contaminated with oil or moisture (they can also handle extremely high-temperature applications). Cartridge dust collectors have the advantage of smaller size, increased filter surface area, and easy maintenance, and can handle most applications (especially involving small particles) very efficiently.

Uncovering the Different Types of Industrial Dust

Each manufacturing process produces a unique type of dust/pollution. Pharmaceutical production, for example, produces different by-products than grain harvesting, while an entirely different type of waste is produced by mining raw ore, or by abrasive blasting. Dust produced by plasma cutters is another example and the biggest concern is its carcinogenic properties.

What is Hex Chrome?

Hexavalent chromium, commonly referred to as hex chrome, is often associated with stainless steel due to its high chromium content. However, other metals can also be treated with chromium for corrosion protection through alloying or electroplating

Hexavalent chromium is not naturally present in metals. Rather, it forms as a result of high-temperature reactions between chromium and oxygen. Inhaling this compound, as seen in plasma fumes, can increase the risk of lung and other cancers. Skin contact can also result in irritation and sores

Additional Health Risks

Welding smoke and plasma cutting fumes can contain various metals such as iron, copper, zinc, nickel, manganese, aluminum, tin, beryllium, cadmium, lead, and titanium. These metals can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, and some like cadmium are known cancer-causing agents. Lead and manganese can damage nerves and brain, while beryllium can lead to fatal lung disease. Exposure to metal fumes can also harm the kidneys.

Understanding Requirements for Dust Collectors

Each industry has specific standards that must be met for environmental and safety reasons. To ensure compliance with these standards, manufacturers must sample their air in order to understand their particle distribution levels. A unit of measurement called Parts Per Million (PPM) is used to determine the amount and size of the dust particles that are being produced, and what type of dust collectors will be needed to effectively capture and dispose of them. The professional team at Airtight Solutions helps customers determine what to look for in a dust extraction system, and what extraction system is most appropriate for them.

The Top Benefits of a Dust Collection System

  • Provides a safe environment for workers
  • Helps with the short term side effects from dust inhalation and reduces employee sick time
  • Reduces factory downtime since cleaner equipment is more easily maintained
  • Helps companies avoid fines for noncompliance at the state and local level
  • Turns waste-to-energy with waste volume reduction technologies that can create significant savings in waste disposal costs

The Airtight Difference in Service and Product Vs. Competitors

With over 20 years as market leader, Airtight Solutions was founded to offer the Australia and New Zealand market a better alternative to poorly serviced, commission-driven sales companies that didn’t truly understand the basic engineering and design principles behind effective air pollution control.

Airtight engineers have decades of experience with small to large scale air pollution projects in a variety of industries, including woodworking, metal fabrication, automotive, minerals, timber processing, food and pharmaceuticals, paper and packaging, seed and grain, cement, foundries and more. A highly skilled 40-member team services the entire Australia and New Zealand market with offices and warehouses based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch.

  • The Vision: to develop and become the new industry standard for effective, well-engineered air pollution control solutions.
  • The Mission: to provide effective, well-engineered solutions that production seeks for optimal performance; that resellers recommend to their clients; that workers request for their work environment; and that business owners enjoy for outstanding value and long-term returns. 

Aftercare servicing that sets Airtight apart from competitors includes but is not limited to: preventative maintenance, site inspections, consulting and diagnostics, smart automation, remote 24/7 system monitoring, and fault monitoring/reporting.


Air pollution generated during industrial manufacturing and production can be extremely harmful to both the environment and workers. Industrial dust collectors safely catch and dispose of harmful pollutants. An industry leader in the Australia and New Zealand market for over two decades, Airtight Solutions offers market access to appropriately designed, quality solutions that produce consistent, reliable performance at an affordable price point. Staffed by high performing teams that are aligned to the company’s vision and values, the quality, reliability, and unbeatable performance of its systems make it the market’s best value proposition.

If you need assistance with any dust extraction projects, please feel free to reach out to one of our experienced team members at 1800 424 784 or log your interest at

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