About Airtight

Our Story –The AIRTIGHT Difference

Airtight Solutions was created in 2002, when senior air pollution control engineers realised their was an opening in the market where they could apply their expertise. The Airtight engineers have experience with small to large scale air pollution control projects in most industries including minerals, foundry, dairy, mining, & timber processing industry.

Airtight’s engineers recognised the fact the mid tier market for air pollution control in Australasia was poorly serviced, largely by commissions driven sales-companies not understanding the engineering and design behind effective Air pollution Control beyond its most basic principles. The result was inferior performing systems of poor and ineffective design and flawed product application. Sadly this market approach is alive and well in today’s market.

Airtight Solutions was created to offer the broader market a better alternative. To offer market access to appropriately designed solutions of quality and consistent reliable performance, at an affordable price point.

Our company culture is one of integrity and respect for these values and principles and we take pride in continuously providing the best performing solutions on the market.

So when you invest in a system designed by Airtight Solutions, you know it is designed and backed by engineers, not sales people.

Our quality, reliability and unbeatable performance and the market’s best value proposition – That is THE AIRTIGHT DIFFERENCE!

Airtight Today

Today, Airtight Solutions is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems and filtration solutions across a variety of industries. At Airtight Solutions we combine with our own engineering expertise, the experience of internationally recognised suppliers to provide our clients with effective, well designed solutions of unmatched performance and reliability.

Airtight Solutions has a complete product range of thoroughly proven products. These products cover most requirements across industries including: Woodworking, Metal fabrication, automotive, minerals, timber processing plants, Food & Pharmaceuticals, Paper/packaging, Seed & Grain, cement, Foundry and more.

Our diverse customer base includes: small and large manufacturers, TAFES’s & Universities, builders & mechanical contractors, processing plants and government institutions. Additionally Airtight is the preferred supplier for Australia’s largest wood working manufactures and machinery suppliers and has been proven in more installations in Australian than any other brand.

With head office in Sydney and extensively stocked warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Christchurch & Auckland; we are able to provide products, service, spare parts and engineering expertise on call.

So please make contact, our team is ready to assist you so you also can experience The AIRTIGHT difference.



Stig Brixen
General Manager
Trading As: Airtight Solutions