T500 Woodworking Dust Collector

Key Features
  • most powerful filter of its size on the market
  • Constant cleaning of filter bags
  • High efficiency self-cleaning fan
  • Reverse inclined impeller
  • Quiet, powerful operation
  • Competitively priced
  • Modular in design

The T-Series is the preferred filtration system for all major wood working suppliers in Australia as recently demonstrated at AWISA where the Airtight Solution filters were the chosen solution to keep the show room floors dust free.

The T-series uses a top entry design, this means the dust laden air enters the top of the baghouse and is pushed down through the bags depositing the dust into the collection area at the bottom of the baghouse. This constant downwards flow keeps the filter bags clean and is what keeps the T-series baghouses pressure drop low and your suction up without requiring downtime shaker cleaning.

The powerful 4kW fan that comes standard with the T-500 heavy steel casing coupled with a self-cleaning backwards inclined fan runner giving you high performance and high efficiency.

Common applications:

  • Timber & joinery (CNC’s edgebanders, panel saw’s, spindle’s etc)
  • Composite materials
  • Sanders (w. special membrane coated bags)
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • + Many more

Call Airtight Solutions today for more information and assistance on selecting the right dust collector for your application.

Model AIRTIGHT T500 4kW
Cleaning Constant bag flush
Capacity 4,500 m³/h @ 2,300 Pa (3000rpm)
Filter Area 16 x Needlefelt filter bags ~ 16m² filter area
Fan High efficiency, materials handling fan, heavy duty plate – powerful! Self cleaning Reverse incline impeller Duct inlet: 250mm
Motor High efficiency 4kW, 2980 rpm
Motor Starter Motor Start/Stop Box included
Dimensions ~1,150 (D) x 1,900 (W) x 3,420 (H)

The T-Series dust collector systems are available in several sizes; from 2.2kW up to larger 15kW systems with variable speed drives and rotary valves.

Examples of other popular T-Series models:

Quick Facts Technical Parameters
  • 15m³, 16 needle-felt bags
  • Dimensions: 1930W, 1270D, 3420H
  • Powerful & high performance
  • Fan 2880rpm, 4kw, 250 Ø inlet + incl. starter box
  • 3 plastic waste bags
  • Typical capacity: 4,500 m3/h (dependant on dust load & system pressure)
  • 22.5m³, 24 needle-felt bags
  • Dimensions: 2515W, 1270D, 3420H
  • Powerful & high performance
  • Fan 2880rpm, 7.5kw 315 Ø inlet + incl. starter box
  • 3 plastic waste bags
  • Typical capacity: 7,500 m3/h (dependant on dust load & system pressure)
  • 31-40m³, 32 needle-felt bags
  • Dimensions: 3450W, 1270D, 3420H
  • Powerful & high performance
  • Fan 2880, 11-15kW, 400 Ø inlet + incl. starter box
  • Variable Speed Drive (maximum power at lowest running cost!)
  • Typical capacity 10,000m3/h (dependent of dust load and system pressure)

The T-series dust collectors are the most powerful extraction system in the market of their size and are the leaders within it market segment. The T-series’ reputation and popularity is underpinned by its powerful, quiet and continuous performance. This system is the proven performer in countless timber, joinery, composite and other applications.

Optional extras available including:

  • Outdoor Kit
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