Iron Mountain

NFK3000 3+1 Vacuum (1)
Iron Mountain MELB - Filter positioning 0509
Client Iron Mountain
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Scope Of Work NFV Rotary Separator Installation
Schedule May 2008

Project Detail

Iron Mountain offers secure shredding and has global facilities inlcuding plants in East Tamaki NZ and in Footscray, Melbourne.

The East Tamaki plant was commissioned in MAY 2008. This paper shredding and recycling plant was a major new installation, processing up to 8 tonnes per hour of shredded waste.

An Airtight NFV Rotary Separator mounted over a large bailing machine quickly and effortlessly separates and loads shredded paper and card into the bailer.  The NFV units are compact in height replacing the need for large bulky cyclones.  Their design practically eliminates the chance of blockages as an internal rotor wipes the shredded waste product from a mesh screen.

An explosion rated negative pressure, reverse-air NFKV baghouse filter outside collects the very fine dust and sweeps it to a briquette machine which compresses the fine dust into 60mm briquettes.

This is a very efficient way to handle recycled paper with practically no dust and very little maintenance.